Trabajo - Introducción

The working breeds are genetic jewels and it is really their behavior rather than the aesthetics that attracts us to this breed. At present moment, for obvious reasons (technological advances, urban societies, mass marketing ….), in a lot of examples there has been a tendency to forget, even by the breeders, the selection of these values which were so necessary and as the cause so necessary. Pomerland, and its quest to be that one step ahead of the rest in the development of the Giant Schnauzer, wants to contribute a better practice and effectiveness for the dormant attitude for the utility in the bigger concept.

Our examples has won international recognition for its great technical quality, fruits of more than one decade of careful labour in breeding but even still we are not satisfied. We are going to set ourselves into the functionality of working technique for utility dogs, bring forward innovativeness, beauty and without a doubt, triumphs, marking a difference with our competitors and bring truth to our slogan:



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